Why Tropicus?

As Colombians growing up in North
America, we were able to experience the struggle consumers in developed markets
face when accessing natural and exotic products. Knowing what the tropic has to
offer to the world, it became our mission to make it accessible and affordable,
closing the gap between conscious consumers who value nature’s goods and
responsible producers with the capacity and the will to deliver top quality
natural products.


Our deep and life-long experience
with the tropic and its culture and our ability to source our goods from their
origin allows us to offer our consumers top quality products, based on
ancestral ingredients and traditions, that go back to the roots of an unaltered
and 100% natural America.

That is why allowing our consumers to reach tropical products that we yearned
while growing up in North America and connecting smallholder farmers
with and international market gives us an indescribable and
infinite satisfaction that keeps us moving passionately towards
our goal of closing the gap between conscious consumers and responsible